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This will be the last of my fanime experience posts, and back to being Friends Only! The picture on the left is my current bag with the pins I got at Fanime. My favorite characters in each of the games... Of course there's other games I haven't included and other pins I should have gotten but regret not getting. The right obviously are the things I got on Monday lol.
[And here is the rest of my Fanime Adventure with C!]
Well C and I woke up slightly earlier on Monday and grabbed all her stuff so she can return home after Fanime. (lets just say that was a bad idea since she ended up staying another night at my place lol). Well we got to the Caltrain station at the same time as the previous day (and since the Caltrain was running on Sunday schedule since it was Memorial Day) we knew how much time we had before the Caltrain left. We stopped by the Starbucks in Safeway and got drinks. We boarded the Caltrain and I spent at least an hour trying to tie my hair so I can keep the cute white mini hat I had to stay in my hair. I'm sure C was just laughing at me while I kept trying to do different hairstyles before I gave up and went with two low pigtails. On the train we also looked through the Fairy Tail Illustrations artbook I bought a while ago to see if there are any ideas as to what character & costume we could wear for next year's fanime. We were talking about Inu x Boku SS and she was saying maybe she can cosplay as Yukinokouji Nobara, and I told her she needs something that can clearly show she's Yukinokouji because she can't always be glomping girls & saying "Maniac!" Eventually, we got off the Caltrain and directly walked to the convention center instead of going in circles like we did the previous day. We got there in 20 minutes rather than the 30 minutes google map said it would take.

We went straight to the convention center and walked upstairs and found chairs to sit down on for a bit because C needed to deal with some personal business. I was next to her trying to take selcas and failing. While I was taking selcas I ran into a Grell and asked if I could take a picture. When I was finished C was finished with dealing with her problems so I took a picture with her since we didn't take too many pictures together for some reason. We got up and eventually started walking around and I got a picture of a Yuna on our way to the Dealer's Hall. Surprisingly I didn't get too much stuff in there that day although I was debating if I should get a Tear phone-strap (I did) and found things for mytaiyou since she wanted an America keychain... and I found a Mint Bunny for her. I even picked up tights & thigh highs because I have an obsession with not wearing pants... (mind you I wear shorts with leggings/tights instead!) I picked up the Final Fantasy box... which I actually picked one up a long time ago and ended up with a Zidane. I opened this one and got a ... Yuna! \o/ Made me happy when I opened it. (total was about 39.6~)

Well I eventually got the rest of the stuff that I wanted and C and I left go to eat lunch. We ate at a Thai restaurant and both of us had curry, different curries but whatever. Afterwards we left the restaurant and went to Safeway because C wasn't feeling so well so we got some Benadyrl for her & some throat drops. We left Safeway and while walking we ran into an Auron cosplayer. When I asked if he was Auron he sounded confused and unsure. Nevertheless, he let me take a picture of him, so THANK YOU SO MUCH! We eventually went back to the con and found D. However before we found D, I ran into a Catherine cosplayer from Catherine; a Garnet/Dagger from FFIX; a Persona 4 crew consisting of Kanji, Naoto, Yosuke, and MC; and Amu & Ikuto from Shugo Chara. We continued walking around wondering if there were any other cosplayers I could ask if I could take pictures of, and I eventually ran for a Guy... the cosplayer was nice and stopped for me since it seemed they were going to go somewhere. They also said next time if I called out their name they would've stopped~ This whole weekend I honestly ran for Tales & Persona characters... *facepalm*

Well we eventually found D and I helped him take some pictures and we even found the Garnet/Dagger cosplayer I had taken a picture of previously, lol. D didn't eat yet so we went scouting for food, and while searching I found a Jude from Xillia. We eventually found a Stein from Soul Eater... but C & I felt there was something different about him, we both thought it was Stein but something was off. Oh well. The best part was that I found a Digimon Kaiser/Emperor cosplayer! And of course I asked for a picture... and then we continued on and I noticed a Daisuke cosplayer! They even had a toy D3 along with a soccer ball! My Digimon fangirl made me all happy~ I also found a P3 Minato/Protagonist cosplayer and got a picture of him too. I got another FF picture... but for some reason I cannot figure out who one of the cosplayers were... I knew one was a female Zack, a Zack... and it's bothering me. I dunno but whatever, if someone can tell me who I'll probably be like Ahhh... although I actually never finished FFVII... or FFVIII... or FFIX... actually the only Final Fantasy game I finished was X & X-2... I'm not even done with XII or IV... Almost done with IV but I'm just so lazy to finish and XII is killing me because I'm in the boring stages. Well either way we continued on and I found another Yuna cosplayer. We continued walking around to see if we can find another place where D could get food, and we found a girl cosplaying a Moogle holding a sign saying "KUPO" so cuteee! We decided to leave but before we left I found an Advent Children Tifa!

We left and walked around to see if we could get food for D, which he eventually got food from Subway. C & I found a Tidus... inside a restaurant... with a Yuna... but we didn't want to disturb them D; I was REALLY tempted to ask if I could take a picture of them... but I didn't want to intrude. We walked around and eventually we went back to that restaurant but they were long gone... T___T

C eventually went back to my place to stay another night because it was going to be too late for her to return home, so we took the Caltrain back and we both ended up sort of passing out on the Caltrain because we were so tired. We went to the Safeway across from the Caltrain station and bought snacks & food so we can prepare dinner back at my apartment. We bought pasta, pasta sauce, & a can of sliced olives for dinner. I had tofu-sausages from Trader Joe's in my fridge so we just made all of that and dinner was pretty good. I was planning to eat the rest of my leftover curry, but I wasn't hungry anymore. While we were eating we watched a bit of Kyou Kara Maoh just because it's been a while but C was passing out because of the Benadryl she took, and so she went to sleep. I went to sleep eventually and that was the end of our fanime adventure.

Thanks for everyone who read my Fanime adventure! =]

As a final thought, C & I plan to cosplay next year... and it seems we might be cosplaying Fairy Tail (or maybe Inu x Boku SS, I got "Maniac!" stuck in her head the rest of the day! XD I told her I could be Karuta or Ririchiyo) and I'll have a Tales character for sure. We will also stay in San Jose next time, pre-register, and also stick to fan-meet times *facepalm* I missed so many characters because I was being an idiot and didn't remember fan-meet times. Sighs, oh well. Fanime was definitely an interesting experience lol.

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